About eye tracking tools

eyetracking tools is a Dutch-based company founded by Validators. We specialize in innovative eye tracking products for research companies or companies that are interested in doing their own research. Eyetracking is the perfect tool to get a clear picture of your consumer’s attention. We are an official reseller for Mirametrix and we have several eyetracking systems for rent.

About ValidatorsEyetracking tools is a Validators company
Validators is an innovative research company specialized in neuromarketing. Validators uses several techniques to research the effectiveness of online ads, websites, paper ads, television and radio commercials and iPad applications. Next to eyetracking, we use other techniques such as facial coding, EEG and something we call signal detection.

In 2011 Validators was nominated for the Esomar Research Effectiveness Award.
We researched the effectiveness of newspaper advertisements and the way they can be improved.

Validators is a member of MOA and Esomar.

More infomation on Validators: www.validators.nl

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