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eyetracking tools is part of Validators, a neuromarketing research company with a lot of different eyetrackers and lots of experience with these devices. Eyetracking tools is created to focus solely on eyetracking and eyetracking tools. Because of our extended experience with these devices we are able to give you the best advice and help you choose the best eyetracker for the job.

VT2Currently we are the official European reseller of EyeTechDS. We offer several EyeTechDS eyetrackers which are a pleasure to work with. Easy to control, live eyetracking data with our viewing software, accurate and portable. These top of the line eyetrackers can be combined with our viewing software, Morae plugin and iPad viewing software. We sell 4 types of EyeTechDS eyetrackers, the TM3, VT2, VT2XL and the VT2mini. Al devices have their own unique feature, the VT2XL can measure screens up to 50 inch and the VT2mini has a simple magnetic mount which makes it easy to deploy. We also offer a VT2mini lab package which comes with a Lenovo 15.5″ laptop in a stylish case.

For more information about the EyeTechDS eyetracking equipment contact us via e-mail

We are also official reseller of Mirametrix eyetracking devices. The Mirametrix S2 is a lowcost eyetracker whit simple software. The software allows you to view live eyetracking data and export the eyetracking data in a video or XML/CSV file.  This device is very portable, easy to deploy, simple to calibrate and available from only  €4.500.-

For more information about Mirametrix eyetracking devices contact us via e-mail

eyetracking-tools is official reseller of Mirametrix equipment

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