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- MobilEyes -eyetracking on tablet smartphone or any other mobile device

Which large company doesn’t have an App, mobile website or offers other ways to involve an iPad or Android tablet. But how effective is this mobile communication and how can it be improved?

We have developed equipment which can help to answer these questions. This is another way of usability testing but can be used in a similar way. We are able to rent out our equipment for research purposes and we also sell whole systems including stand, eyetracker and software to record. This device is available starting from €4,500.- e-mail us for a quote.

For this purpose we use the very accurate eyetracking devices from EyeTechDS. These eyetrackers have a binocular eyetracking function what makes them suitable for this kind of eye tracking.

MobilEyes eyetracking ipad or android tablet MobilEyes exports a parsed video file as output, in which you can see the fixations on the tablet. It also has several fixation filters for different purposes. We are able to generate heatmaps, time-to-see data and time-to-click data of your recordings.

For more information about tablet and iPad eyetracking please contact us.

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