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eyetracking tools not only rents out hardware but also specializes in software. We have developed two Morae plugins for different eyetrackers, Eyetech and Mirametrix. These plugins substantiate an usability study.

More about Morae software

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Morae is a leading usability software that removes the guesswork from your decisions and help you to make products people love. You can record user interactions, efficiently analyze results and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere: Morae.

MorEyes adds the possibility to Morae to link an eyetracker with the software. This unique combination between the world leader in usability software and eyetracking gives extra insights in how users are looking at a website or program. Location of the eye can be shown as an overlay on the website or application that is being tested, in real time! This is essential input for the usability expert and creates great insights for the client. With Morae’s Manager, video’s of recorded data can also be edited and exported as a standalone video file. This plugin works with Morae’s Recorder, Observer and Manager and is available for the Mirametrix S2 and all EyeTechDS models.

(Is your eyetracker not supported? Contact us and we can tell what we can do for you)

Morae Usability software
Morae is a software application for usability testing that enables you to measure how usable your Web site or software is, pinpoint specific problem areas, and easily share the most important information with your clients. With the insight Morae provides, you can make critical design changes that will
• Improve sales and conversion rates
• Boost traffic to your Web site
• Increase customer satisfaction

How Does Morae Work?
Morae’s dramatic effectiveness lies in the fact that it actually reduces the amount of work required to conduct usability testing, not only at setup, but also during the data logging, analysis and presentation stages. Its design works well for users new to the field of usability testing, as well as for seasoned professionals.

The Morae software suite is designed to facilitate your usability research process from study design to data analysis. Morae can support a variety of research types, including the following: Software and website usability testing In-depth interviews Field studies and ethnography Paper prototyping Mobile device and hardware testing Document usability testing The Morae suite includes three applications: Recorder, Observer and Manager. Each application addresses different aspects of the research process. The following table summarizes each application.

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