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eyetracking tools specializes in eyetracking and eyetracking equipment. We have a wide variety of eye trackers for every purpose. You can deploy eyetracking when doing usability research, outdoor research and commercial research.

We distinguish two types of eyetrackers which we rent out: non-static and static eyetrackers. The static eyetracker is utilizable for research such as outdoor research, paper ad research and other static images. For dynamic communication such as usability research, television commercial research and other research we use a different type of tracker.

Prices for renting an eyetracker including basic software starts at €450 a week. The data output depends on the use. We have eyetrackers which can provide user videos with gaze movements, heatmaps, clickmaps etc. We have an eyetracking solution for every type of reserach.

The process of renting an eyetracker works as follows: We will consult you and choose the eyetracker which fits your needs. Then we will send you an order confirmation and an invoice. If you are located in the Netherlands we will visit you with the eye tracker, install the device and give you instructions on how to operate the eyetracker. If you are located elsewhere, we will send the eye tracker as soon as we receive the payment and consult and instruct you via mail, phone or Skype. With our simple instructions you will be able to record you first responds quickly after you have received the equipment.

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